Girls 1985 ansehen deutsch

  • Title: Girls
  • Release year: 1985
  • Movie genres: Comedy
  • Director: Nadav Levitan
  • Actors: Hana Azoulay-Hasfari, Sigal Cohen, Irit Frank, Chelli Goldenberg, Raheli Haimain, Caroline Langford, Amos Lavi, Ariella Rabinovich, Arianna Rotenberg, Anat Topol, Nadav Levitan
  • Movie length: 96 min.

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Pretty good movie. Girls at least is a something fresh and innovative in 1985. Filming is well done with unreal areas and an attractive cast and an excellent script could be bad!? Assuming that you may believe that Irit Frank make action that show on the film you maybe is mad! The good thing in this Girls film is interesting to see! Though Irit Frank is kinda funny and improves the script, but that character is a bit simple. Are you bored with repetitive free time? Do you want to spend a lot of nice time watching some exciting Comedy film? Then you should listen to our piece of advice and to start with watching Girls. The film is showing you very interesting and so attention grabbing story that would not leave you indifferent. You would penetrate into the world of feelings, emotions and passions. We know that you will love this film very much and Girls would become one of your favorite movies in the Comedy genre too. Acting: Irit Frank, Chelli Goldenberg, Arianna Rotenberg, Nadav Levitan. Running time: 96 min. :-) I think that you will like Girls movie. Thank you.

All fans of really amazing actions in Comedy genre would be so glad to examine Girls so much. So, if you are one of us then you should just sit comfortable and start having tons of delight watching this movie of year 1985. Here you would find a so good acting of your favorite actors: Anat Topol, Ariella Rabinovich who look so cool and on their places in Girls. The length of the movie is 96 mins but you feel it is just one moment because all the stuff of the movie is so exciting. So, you shouldn't think how to spend so delightful night anymore! Girls movie is a really decent movie, that filled with much of fantastic moments. Girls is an average movie and that is why there is an average rating it gets from us and from a lot of people who have watched it. This is a movie in Comedy genre with standard acting of quite well-known actors like Anat Topol, Ariella Rabinovich. You could find some interesting ideas that are covered in it but some pieces of the movie are not done well at all. So, if you have free time and look forward to watch Girls from 1985 with length 96 mins then you are able to do it. I absolutely liked this picture. It was fast, action-packed and exciting. Also delivering comedy when it was needed, but it was a relatively misty film. All of the performers expressed good acting and the actors continue to be perfectly suited. This is probably the best films ever made. Have ideas? Post them in our comments form. You have to sign in.